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Service Policy

Every C. Sharps Rifle is inspected and tested to ensure the highest quality and standards. If there is any question with regard to the performance of the rifle, please write the service department fully describing the circumstances and conditions regarding the problem or question.

C. Sharps Arms Co., Inc. - Service Department
P.O. Box 885
100 Centennial Drive
Big Timber, MT 59011

If it is necessary to return a rifle for repair, please comply with the following suggestions for prompt service.

  • Rifles returned for service should be sent to the above address, with shipping paid. No C.O.D. parcels will be accepted.
  • For best repair service, always enclose letter furnishing model, caliber, and serial number. Give a full description of the problem or desired work. Enclose copies of previous correspondence.
  • Work performed under warranty will be returned without fee. Work performed not covered by warranty will be invoiced accordingly and payment must be made before the rifle is returned. The minimum service charge is $25.00 (shipping not included) for work not covered under warranty.
  • No work will be performed on any Sharps rifle not manufactured by C. Sharps Arms Co., Inc.
  • All federal regulations must be complied with regarding the shipment of firearms. It is therefore most strongly recommended that all firearms be returned through a federally licensed dealer.
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