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Famous Sharps Through History

  • Beneath the Eagle's Wings

    Beneath the Eagle's Wings

    "There was a sunny, savage Land Beneath the eagle's wings And there, across the thorns and sand, Wild rovers rode as kings." - Badger Clark Before the last of the great herds were nearly exterminated in Montana by white hide hunters during the winter of 1882 - 83, the favored method employed by Indian hunters was the "run".  The hunter approached a small herd...

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  • First Sergeant Ryan

    First Sergeant Ryan

    M Co. 7th U.S. Calvary At The Little Big Horn by RALPH HEINZ On the afternoon of June 25, 1876, five companies of cavalry under the command of Lt. Col. George A. Custer were annihilated in what has become perhaps the best known and most controversial battle in American history; "The Battle of the Little Big Horn" or "Custer's Last Stand." Although five...

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  • Hanna and White

    Hanna and White

    Oliver P. Hanna left home in Illinois as a sixteen year old in 1867 for a life of adventure in the west.  By 1872, he was part of the Hayden survey party in Yellowstone having spent the intervening years learning the life of a trapper and hunter from two older frontiersmen.  In 1876, he was one of the scouts for...

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