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Custom Model 1885 Highwall (Grade I Engraving)

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Product description:

Custom Grade 1885 Highwalls are available in both the classic or sporting rifle styles. Custom target rifles are produced with the sporting rifle variations of barrel length and sight combinations to suit the particular style or range of target shooting to be done.


Grade II & III as shown will be standard patterns available on the classic and sporting, as well as target rifles. Other styles and patterns are also available to suit the customer.


The standard weight barrel is the same as the original No. 3 Highwall barrel, up to 30" long. Our No. 1 heavy is the same as the original No. 4 Highwall barrel up to 34" long. Both are available in part octagon.


The standard receiver is the thick wall with octagon crown. The thick wall with round crown is available on request on custom rifles.


All sights are optional; refer to sight page. Gold wire and inlays are also available on custom rifles.


American walnut and French walnut in grades up to exhibition are available @ an additional cost. Ebony nose caps are also available.

Customer Quotes

For the customer who wishes to spec-out a custom rifle, you may send your specifications with a $50.00 quote fee, refundable if the rifle is ordered within 6 months.

Rifle Chamberings

See rifle & cartridge availability table located on page.

Price as configured:


Federal Excise Tax, state & Local Taxes and Shipping not included.

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Recent Testimonial:

  • Just wanted to thank you for building one of the best guns that I own.  I purchased one of your 1875 target models, in 40-65  a while ago and I have over 2000 rounds through it.  Every time I shoot it , it brings a smile to my face.  It will group under three inches at 200 yards all day long.    Leon Kassler