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    Back in October of 2009, John Schoffstall, owner of C. Sharps Arms, and Zach, his son, paid a visit to Ken, Tammie and Brad Walters at Mountain View Elk Ranch in Riggins, Idaho.  Mountain View Elk Ranch is an exceptional outfit that offers fantastic hunting on some truly amazing elk.  Over the course of a long weekend Brad was able...

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  • The 50-70-1 ¾ Sharps

    The 50-70-1 ¾ Sharps

    The 50-70-1 ¾ Sharps, more commonly known as the 50-70 Gov't, was one of the earliest Sharps cartridge rifle chamberings. Because of the standardization by the government as the first military cartridge in 1866, its popularity, widespread use, and availability were assured. Straight breech 54 caliber Model 1859 and Model 1863 percussion military rifles and carbines were converted to...

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  • The 45-70-2 1/10 Sharps

    By Chris Peterson for C. Sharps Arms Inc. The 45-70 Government cartridge was adopted by the United State Military in 1873. The standard service load for the infantry rifle was 70 grains of black powder and a 500 grain bullet. Shortly after this round was accepted by the Army, a second service load was introduced for the carbine. ...

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  • 13 year old harvests bison with Sharps black powder rifle

    13 year old harvests bison with Sharps black powder rifle

    Hi John, This is Ed Berkheimer's daughter emailing you. My dad, Ed Berkheimer, just returned from a buffalo hunt at the Spike Box Ranch near Mullen, Nebraska. He took his grandson, Tyler Long, out to shoot a buffalo.  It was a successful hunt: Used a 74 C. Sharps Arms 40/70 caliber rifle. 1 shot at 200 yards. 2nd shot at 180 yards. Tyler Long is only...

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  • A note from Mark Grimm

    A note from Mark Grimm

    John, I wanted to drop you a picture of my buffalo hunt that we took the first week in November! This hunt was down on the Crow Reservation north of Ft. Smith along the Big Horn River and the Black Canyon. Our outfitter was Brad Edward from Billings, and in the picture are our two Crow guides. The Sharps 74 was a...

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